3-day Karelia Shuysky multiactive with rafting

3-day Karelia Shuysky multiactive with rafting

Karelia Shuysky multiactive program offers experienced tourists and the beginners an exciting 3-day camping trip with rafting. Professional rafting coaches, accompanying travelers, monitor their safety. Before each rafting you will be instructed and trained.


Coming to Petrozavodsk, you will meet your group. You’ll be transferred to Shuisky rocks (35 kilometers or 22 miles). After getting instructions on safety and climbing techniques from professionals, you will be given your equipment. You will start with the simplest routs. After a snack, you’ll pass more complicated rout and Passing more complex routes including also Dulfer, the speed descent from rocks. Resembling rope-jumping, Dulfer belongs to the safest methods of descent. Your next step is Yumanishki village. Coming there (transfer is guaranteed), you will start preparing for rafting. You will check your equipment and take some rafting lessons on the water. After dinner you will rest in comfortably equipped tents.


The day program offers you a trip to the Big Tolly Threshold , lunch and a tourist bath – best way to rest and relax after hiking. Big Tolly is the most popular threshold of Karelia. The ease of outfitting, security, power, excellent approaches and interesting character – of all these qualities puts it beyond competition. After dinner and overnight in tent, you will feel rested and ready to the most difficult but also the most exciting day of the trip.


Your Big Tolly and Small Tolly thresholds rafting will start soon after breakfast. Like the best kayakers of Russia, you will enjoy rafting along the river Shuya, being fascinated by gorgeous Karelian nature. May and June is a flood peak on Shuya River. Most interesting in June, for its all power, Big Tolly is a relatively safe threshold. At this time, Big Tolly Threshold is flooded. With the drop in the water level, the height difference between thresholds becomes more noticeable, and only well-trained tourists can raft this time. However, when the rains start, the water level in the river increases again. Small Tolly excites mostly beginners, but it is the safest and the simplest threshold for rafting.

After dinner, you will be transferred to Petrozavodsk and take a train to Moscow.


• Prices

The 3-day trip price includes transfers, meals, the work of professional instructors, climbing and campfire equipment rental.

• Equipment

You’ll get the necessary climbing equipment including ropes, straps, carbines, helmets, rafting equipment – oars, helmets, life jackets, sealed packages, and the stuff needed for camping – tents, heat-insulating mats and everything for making a campfire.

Climbing equipment includes:
Rope climbing caprice, carbines, safety system: upper and lower belt, lock, helmet.

Equipment for rafting:
Safe and durable inflatable boats for rafting through rough water, oars, life jackets, helmets.

Camp equipment:
4 – seated tents for 3 people. Each tourists gets also his individual heat-insulating mat. Boilers, trays and other utensils for cooking are alsoprovided.

Personal equipment:
When you plan taking your personal equipment, please let the tour organizers know about it beforehand.

• Extra charges

– Railway tickets Moscow – Petrozavodsk – Moscow (reserved seats) prices start from 5550 rubles, coupe – starts from 8000 rub., SV minimal price is 14750 rubles. Check the price when making tickets booking.

– 500 rubles for a sleeping bag during May holidays (0 -5⁰C temperatures) are paid when booking a tour.

– 300 rubles for a sleeping bag rented after May holidays are also paid with booking a tour.
– One-person insurance costs 30 rubles per day.

• Meals

You will have 3 meals a day. Sometimes, lunch can be replaced by a snack. The instructor provides food and cook, but tourists can also help him. The menu includes fresh vegetables and soups.

• Mobile connection

You will have Megafon and MTS mobile connection with a stable signal. The other operators can be out of range. Please warn your relatives.

• Security

– Be sure to be in helmet and lifejacket when rafting. Instructors will take care of this, but you must not forget about your security either.

– Be sure your backpack is comfortable to carry.

– Wear comfortable camping outfit: neoprene suit (in May and September), thermal PVC underwear, trousers and light jacket with hood, long sleeve shirt, wool socks (2 pairs), cotton socks (2 – 3) pairs, bathing suit, T-shirts, cotton gloves, a hat with a visor, a warm jacket, a woolen hat, a sweater, a rain cape, extra underwear.

– Use shoes or sneakers, take with you change shoes and rubber boots.

– Do not forget to take your personal things: repellents, sunglasses, bowl, mug, spoon, knife, flashlight with spare batteries, sunblocking creams, a mat for sitting, personal care products, an individual first-aid kit.

– Keep passport, insurance and other documents in sealed package.

Safe extreme for tourists of all levels of training will blow up emotions, splash adrenaline, make you believe in yourself. Our rafts and river guides will provide a guaranteed risk-free adventure, leaving no one indifferent.


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