Golden Ring Tours ― 10 days

Golden Ring Tours-10 days to learn Russia better

When you wish to understand Russian history and the characters of people living in this huge and even mysterious country, take a 10 days tour around the Golden Ring. Admiring the local sights, you will find that there is something to be surprised in Russia, often associated with bears and severe frosts.

10 days Golden Ring Tours:

Important: each tour day, starting with breakfast, includes convenient hotel accommodation in the city you stay. Lunch and dinner are optional.


You will depart from Moscow to Vladimir, the Golden Ring capital. There you will visit the sights the monuments of a white-stone architecture erected in pre-Mongol times in XII century. Later you will enjoy Andrei Rublev’s frescoes on Assumption Cathedral and Dmitrievsky Cathedral bas-reliefs. Take a photo near the Golden Gate, built over 850 years ago. Buy unique souvenirs in small shops, located on the territory of the “Crystal, lacquer miniature and embroidery”. The museum expositions tell about the city life in late XIX and early XX century. The excursion finishes with a departure to Bogolubovo – small transit village in the Suzdal district, located a few miles from Vladimir. Make a selfie near its Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, and come to Suzdal to rest in the hotel.


After breakfast you will start Suzdal sightseeing tour. Although the place has more than 200 historical places and monuments, its most famous and oldest part is the Kremlin. They say this unique ensemble was built about a thousand years ago. After it go to the Monastery of Saint Euthymius and listen to its bells– they ring every hour.

Further you will come to the Museum of Wooden Architecture – this open-air monument has gorgeous buildings of the XVII-IXth centuries. Enjoy the sight of Pokrovsky Monastery for women, listening to the guide’s story telling about its secrets and mysteries. The second tour day also offers a tour around Ivanovo. After it the bus will take you to the hotel in Kostroma. You will have free time – use it roaming along the city embankment and enjoying the view of the Volga river.


The day starts with the bus trip to Yaroslavl, the city built on the place where the Volga and the Kotorosl Rivers meet. Walking along the city embankment, you will see the unique architectural ensemble of the central part of Yaroslavl, included into the list of the places protected by UNESCO. Visiting Transfiguration of the Saviour Monastery called also “the Kremlin” you will see its unique original ancient paintings. After these excursions you will return to Kostroma to continue sightseeing the most notable places of this merchant city, including Hypatian Monastery. The guide will tell you the history of the house, built in 1330 and dedicated to St. Hypatios of Gangara.


The 4th day starts from the tour to Rostov Kremlin – the city bishops’ residence. The unique 15-bells ensemble has a unique belfry, which has completely preserved 15 bells set. A visit to the Bishops’ Court, the Cathedral Square and the Metropolitan Garden are also included into the program. After it you will see the Exhibition of ceramics (purchase a unique Russian souvenir there) and depart to Pereslavl-Zalessky, Alexander Nevsky native city. When the sightseeing tour there is finished, you will take a bus to Sergiev Posad. According to the tour plan, you will visit Holy Trinity Lavra – the most significant Russian monastery. The day ends with the hotel accommodation in Sergiev Posad.


The day program includes a tour to Aleksandrov and a visit to the city Kremlin, the magnificent building where the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible lived with his family. After this guided tour you will go to Moscow to your hotel. The same day you will visit Vyazma, the old town known mostly for its Holy Trinity Cathedral and the other less important churches and monasteries. After lunch you will go to Smolensk, the old city-fortress situated on the Dnieper river banks. The excursion program offers you a visit to the monuments to the heroes of the 1812 war and the Great Patriotic (1941-1945) War. The guide will tell you about the Smolensk world- famous citizens.


This day will be devoted to Pushkin. Coming to this reserve, you will have long excursions to Mikhaylovskoye, Trigorskoye and Svyatogorsky Monastery where Pushkin is buried. When the day comes to its end, you will come to Pskov hotel where you’ll stay two nights.


It will be an eventful day. After a tour around Pskov, a walk along the Golden Embankment, you will visit the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. As the program includes too many excursions, the guide will offer you a bus tour. You will see Pokrovsky complex, Alexander Nevsky monument, famous Pogankin’s chambers, the Menshikov chambers, etc.

After a lunch break you will depart to Pechory to take a tour around Pskov-Caves Monastery where only men live and pray. It is the only one monastery that never stopped its work, even when the USSR banned many religious institutions. On the end of the tour you will depart to Izborsk, the oldest town mentioned first in 682.

Coming to Izborsk fortress built on the hill, you will admire the beauty of the huge valley and take a photo near famous Lukovka tower. The tour plan includes also a visit to the St. Nicholas Cathedral (XIV century) and some unique fortresses. The guide will tell you about their history. On your return to Pskov, you will have free time to make some shopping in small shops selling folk crafts and souvenirs.


The day program offers you a tour to Staraya Russa, the resort near Novgorod. There the excursions to the Transfiguration Monastery, the Church of St. George, and Trinity Church are waiting for you. After the tour, you’ll visit the Staraya Russa oldest SPA and famous Muravyov fountain.

At Dostoevsky Memorial House Museum the guide will tell you the unknown facts about the life of this great Russian writer, who lived and worked in this town.

The day will end with the departure to Veliky Novgorod.


You will start the day with the tour around Novgorod. You will see the Novgorod Kremlin – its towers have expressive and slender proportions; the majestic Sofia Cathedral, St Yurievsky and Antoniev monasteries, various oldest churches and the Museum of Fine Arts with its collection of painting made by Russian artists who lived in XVIII-XX centuries.

DAY 10

You will leave Veliky Novgorod and go to Tver, mentioned first in 1164. That time the town belonged to Novgorod, and later it was the part of the Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal. The guide will tell you about the unique city planning system. You will visit the Assumption Cathedral, the Imperial Travel Palace; see the monuments to famous merchant and traveler Athanasius Nikitin, poets Krylov and Pushkin. This day and the whole 10-days tour will end with the departure to Moscow.


You can always order a tailor-made tour and pick your personal program that can offer you visiting more cities of the Golden Ring or excluding some excursions. Contact us to learn about the prices: they can vary according to your tour plan.

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