Holy Sources of Russia - 5-day tour around the oldest historical places

Holy Sources of Russia – 5-day tour around the oldest historical places

Holy Sources of Russia tour (Wednesday – Sunday) is an exciting journey around the cities and villages of the Golden Ring. The program foresees visiting Moscow, SergievPosad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov the Great, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Murom and Diveevo village.


The day will start from a bus tour around Sergiev Posad. There you will visit Holy Trinity Lavra and depart to Pereslavl-Zalessky, the motherland of famous historical figure Alexander Nevsky. After a walk and a bus excursion you will depart to Rostov the Great. Soon after lunch, you will have a guided excursion around the Rostov Kremlin – the former residence of the city metropolitans. At the Exhibition of ceramics, also located on the Kremlin territory, you can buy unique ceramic plates, pots and small decorative panels. Travelers, coming to Rostov Kremlin in Summer, visit the exposition “Walls and Transitions of Rostov Kremlin” and winter tourists are offered the “Museum of Rostov enamel” guided excursion.

The day will end in Kostroma, where you will be accommodated in a hotel and have free time.


In the morning the bus will bring you to Yaroslavl, the city with the oldest history, the place near the Kotorosl and the Volga Rivers. Walking along the city embankment, you can take photos of the gorgeous architectural ensemble, protected by UNESCO.

When you reach the fortified walls of Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, often called the “Kremlin”, you will be shown the original paintings of Russian artists and icon painters, who lived centuries ago. The oldest temple that has survived keeps its greatest secret – famous literature manuscript, written in XIIth, the “The Lay of the Igorev Regiment”, was found there.The other outstanding architectural masterpiece of Yaroslavl is the Church of Elijah the Prophet (XVIIth century).

On your return to Kostroma, you will have a city sightseeing tour, visit the Central Square and take photos near famous Fire tower. The 2nd day program includes also visits to the Ipatiev Monastery and the Epiphany Monastery of St. Anastasia. Do not be surprised to when you understand there are too many pilgrims near its walls – Epiphany Monastery keeps Fyodorovskaya Icon of Our Lady.

After returning to the hotel, use your free time for shopping or just walking along Kostroma embankment – the Volga river is magnificent!


In the morning the bus will take you to Suzdal. On the way to this old town, you will have first a sightseeing tour around Ivanovo, and then – the bus and walk trip in Suzdal, the city rich with its museums and monuments.

The third day plan offers you a visit to the city Kremlin and Crusade Chamber, the Monastery of Saint Euthymius and an excursion to the Museum of Wooden Architecture – the open-air “collection” of unique wooden houses built in XVII-XIXth centuries.

After lunch you can stay in a cozy hotel in Suzdal and rest or go out to enjoy the atmosphere of the town that has mixed old and modern times.


After breakfast and leisure time in Suzdal, you will go to Murom city, the oldest place under Vladimir, the motherland of Russian hero and warrior Ilya Muromets who won many glorious victories over the enemies of the Russian land.

Murom Bus sightseeing tour offers you a visit to the historical city part and the acquaintance with Trinity monastery for women, men’s Blagoveshchensky and Spaso-Preobrazhensky men’s monasteries.

After visiting some more historical places and seeing the monuments to famous people of old Russia, you will go to Vyksa town. Use your free time after the hotel accommodation to relax in local restaurants – try delicious Russian cuisine.


In the morning you’ll start to Diveevo village to visit its Serafimo-Diveevsky Monastery named in honor of Saint Seraphim of Sarov, who took care of this monastery. It has 4 large beautiful temples. 500 nuns and 1000 novices live there. The monastery stores the relics of Seraphim of Sarov. It keeps also a miraculous icon of the Mother of God Affection. There is also a tiny path, along which the Mother of God passed, when she appeared to Seraphim of Sarov.

The monastery was built with the magnificent and Church of Our Lady of Kazan (1780), The Church of the Nativity of Christ (1829) and the Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos (1830). The gorgeous Trinity Cathedral and its well-known bell tower construction ended in 1875. The place has the also the church that was constructed before the October revolution – Transfiguration Cathedral was built in 1916. They say those who drink holy water from this place or even swim in it, get their luck and forget about illnesses.

After lunch and leisure time you will return to Moscow.


The tour is planned for the tourists, who love cognitive rest, those who often pick a bus to travel. The whole tour price includes the maximum number of services, visiting museums and churches. In fact, you need money only for souvenirs.

BB accommodation is also included. However, you can always contact us to leave a request for a personal, tailor-made tour.

Our buses leave from Moscow, and you never pay extra for transport separately.

We guarantee the execution of the program – we organize the journey with any number of the tourists in a group.

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