Walking and Water Tour in the Southern Ural

Magnificent journey to the Land of Lakes – Walking and Water Tour in the Southern Ural

The Southern Urals is called “The Blue Necklace of Russia”, “The Land of Lakes”. By the number of magnificent lakes located between the mountains (only Chelyabinsk region counts about 3170 of them!), the Southern Urals is often compared with Switzerland. The mountains of the Urals are unique: real stone rivers descend from the jagged ridges to the valleys. The beauty of the Ural nature fascinates and does not leave indifferent any person who sees it! The most popular among the numerous tourists is rafting along the rivers of the South Ural. These routes pass through the most picturesque places of the region: you can see the Sikiyaz-Tamak caves and the natural historical complex of the Porogi, Yuryuzan with its untouched nature, silence and the majestic mountains and cliffs, the stunning beauty of the rivers.

Our 5-day Walking and Water Tour in the Southern Ural (air or railway time is not included there) offers you spending an unforgettable, exciting time, seeing all these beauties and enjoying the nature of the Land of Lakes.


At 9.00 AM you’ll be met Chelyabinsk and go to the camp “At Three Peaks”. After accommodation, breakfast and rest you’ll have a tour to the elk farm on the cordon “At Three Peaks” where elks currently reside. You can feed them with apples or carrots and take pictures together with these smart animals. Your next adventure is an ascen to the mountain of Big Uvan (1222m), located on the eponymous ridge. Coming to its top, you will have a light snack and enjoy magnificent view of Big Nurgush mount (1406m), Iremel (1582m), and also on the most beautiful lake Zyuratkul.

Delicious dinner and rest are waiting for you on your return to camp.


After breakfast you’ll start trekking. You will go to Sukan or Suuk – the Artesian fountain, called the Uvan Fountain. It was discovered by geologists in the late XXth century, and its height reaches 10 meters. It is located at the foot of the already familiar city of B. Uvan. Further you will follow to the ridge of Big Suk. The ridge has many cliffs, rocks, stone faults and ledges. Big Suk resembles an uneven vertical wall from gray and green bricks. You will also admire there the peaks of the ancient Ural mountains of the Zyuratkul National Park.

Returning to your camp, you will have dinner and relax after your day adventures.


After breakfast you will go to the village of Sibirka. After getting instructions from professionals you will start rafting on the Ai River near Mezhevoi. During this water adventure you will see the cave Kurgazak, “dry” ancient waterfalls, stone steps and breathtaking landscapes. Sometimes the extreme lovers enjoy rope jumping there, thus, you can add one more crazy note to your venture! Active rafting is planned for the time before lunch, as summers in the Southern Urals are hot often, and you can be overheated when being outside after noon.

Delicious dinner and rest after your day excitement will relax you, and you’ll be ready for the 4th day program, offering you to continue your rafting joy.


After an early breakfast you’ll go on rafting along the Ai River. Thanks to its numerous sights, this route is extremely popular among water tourists.

The Ai River length is 549 kilometers – it flows through the territory of the Chelyabinsk region and Bashkiria. The river is divided into mountainous and flat parts. The most attractive for rafting is the mountain part. Here it flows between the beautiful mountains of the Southern Urals, framed by high cliffs and caves. The flat part is less interesting, but attracts with its tranquility. The river name is translated from Bashkir, as “lunar”, “bright” or “beautiful”. During your journey you’ll visit Sikiyaz-Tamak cave complex. Many archaeological materials of all historical epochs, including the burial places of the cave man and wooden objects of his life were found there. Thus, the “brilliant crown” of the 4th tour day is this unique natural museum, which combines the memory of antiquity, variety of rocks, flora and fauna.

As usual, on your return to the camp, you’ll have a tasty dinner.


After breakfast you will finish your rafting adventure and farewell the wonderful River Ai.
At 2.00 you’ll have a transfer to Chelyabinsk, taking with yourself not only souvenirs and natural stones from the Urals, but warm memories about this amazing region.

We understand that 5 days is not enough to see all the stunning beauties of the Southern Region. Call us when you feel you need an individual program – we will work out your tailor-made tour.

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