Marvelous St. Petersburg - 3 days in cultural capital of Russia

Marvelous St. Petersburg – 3 days in cultural capital of Russia

St. Petersburg is a pretty young city – it is only 310 years old. But, despite its young age, its history is multifaceted and rich in interesting facts. Guides and history experts, designers and painters, simply its citizens can tell you endless stories about their Motherland, the place that is called the most beautiful city in Europe. However, it is worth one time seeing its architecture and gorgeous theatres, amazing monuments and wonderful statues than listening to the story-tellers. Thus, we offer you spending there 3 days and see everything what you have heard or read about the Hermitage, Winter Palace and Peterhof – the real symbols of St. Petersburg.


At 9 AM on Friday, after your accommodation in the hotel, you will meet with the Agency’s representative. These, in the hotel’s lobby, you will get additional info about the tour program. You will get also a list of additional excursions to order – pick those ones that interest you most than others.

At 13.00 the bus will take you to the “Secrets of the Russian throne. Emperors and favorites”excursion. The program includes also a visit to the Hermitage Museum and its major building, the Winter Palace, the official winter residence of Russian royal family. Due to the richness and variety of architectural and sculptural decoration the palace is considered the best on in St. Petersburg. You will also listen to the guide’s story about the 1917 revolt and the tragic fate of the building and the whole nation. Being in the Hermitage Museum, you will not see all the expositions of this gigantic ensemble. They say, it will take you 11 years to see everything what is kept there, as there are over 2,000,000 unique pictures, paintings, vases, jewelry, etc. that are carefully stored in the Hermitage! The museum is huge like the territory of a great country, ruled by the tsar. It has 117 staircases, 1057 rooms and 1945 windows. The museum counts 176 magnificent statues. You can count the number of vases yourself, but you will be lost when counting the painting on its walls. Statistically, it is over 61,000 works of art belonging to Italian, French, Russian, German, Spanish, British, Holland artists. The 2nd floor of the Great Hermitage keeps works of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Giorgione, Titian. Spending in the museum the whole day, you will not feel the running of time.

On your return to the hotel, use your free time to wander along the Neva River embankment and absorbing the atmosphere of this splendid city.


The price of your individual transfer from the railway station or the airport to your hotel is 1200 rubles and over. Please, pick your transfer and order it in advance.


The day program starts soon after breakfast, at 09:00 AM. The exciting excursion to Peterhof (“On the old Peterhof road”) with a visiting the museums of the Peterhof reserve is waiting for you. The splendid Peterhof, the capital of crystal fountains and emerald parks, is a must for all tourists arriving in St. Petersburg. The look of the city would be incomplete without a cheerful Peterhof landscape with its green gardens, exquisite gold sculptures, and delightful water extravaganzas of numerous fountains. No one can express the beauty of it in words. This is the real embodiment of the holiday. Parks of Peterhof is a real green kingdom with its “walls” made from bushes and the “floor” of terry grass. Majestic bronze sculptures, whitewashed openwork bridges and flowerpots amidst this riot of color. However, the main treasure here is fountains (more than 150). Each of them is original and unique. The fountains of Peterhof are a real engineering miracle: pumps have never been used to supply water there. The water comes into the each fountain from natural sources, canals, ponds and floodgates.

After the rich day program is finished, you will return to the hotel (by bus). Use your free time for shopping or just walking along the streets, where original old houses stand close to modern buildings with dozens of stores.


After breakfast at 9.00 AM you will checkout and depart to Moskovsky railway station by bus. Leaving your baggage in safe luggage room, you’ll go on with your tour program. This time it will be a visit to the Yusupov Palace and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. This excursion, called “Marvelous St. Petersburg”, will be a final part of the tour. Admiring “An idol on a bronze horse (Peter the Great), take some photos near this gorgeous monument. Being in the Yusupov Palace, listen to the guide, telling you the horrifying story about the murder of Rasputin, whose life history was closely connected with this place. After the excursions you will have free time – use it to farewell with astounding Russian cultural capital and its hospitable citizens.


This 3-day tour can be supplemented by other excursions – look through the list of them and pick your favorite ones, speaking with the Agency representative on the first day of your stay in the hotel.
Having any questions on the tour organization, its dates and other things concerning this trip to St. Petersburg, please contact us any time.

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