Palaces, their Secrets and Creators - 3 astounding days in St. Petersburg

Palaces, their Secrets and Creators – 3 astounding days in St. Petersburg

When you visit St. Petersburg, you’ll fall in real love with this gorgeous, majestic city called often Northern Palmyra. The Motherland of 3 revolutions and the former Russian capital, this city still keeps mysteries and secrets no one guesses about. St. Petersburg welcomes you to come there and see its original masterpieces of architecture that have been preserved intact. This tour is the perfect opportunity to combine an exciting journey and a close acquaintance with Russian cultural heritage, concentrated in this place, standing close to the Baltic Sea and attracting visitors with its gloomy splendor.

DAY 1 – Friday


Coming to St. Petersburg, you will go to your hotel on your own. It means you should order your airport-hotel or railway station-hotel transfer in advance. It will cost you 1200 rubles and over, depending on the distance.

After accommodation (possible also after the excursion program), you will meet with the Agency representative to look through the additional optional tour programs and order those ones you like.

At 1.00 PM you will go to the “Masterpieces of Northern Palmira” excursion. It includes visiting the Yusupov Palace, which is rightly recognized as a pure diamond among the other elegant palaces of St. Petersburg. The luxury of palace decoration perfectly harmonizes with the exquisite taste of its eminent owners. The shy palace outlook should not deceive you – come inside and you’ll feel a deep excitement watching fantastic mixture of neo-Rococo, Russian Empire style and neoclassicism. During the guided excursion you will learn the history of its construction and reconstruction. You’ll discover how Grigory Rasputin was murdered and what happened to the palace after the 1917 Revolution.

On your return to the hotel and after dinner, walk along the Neva Riva embankment and make some videos about this magnificent city (do not forget your cam or a smartphone!)

DAY 2 – Saturday

The first excursion starts at 9.00 AM, after breakfast. You’ll go to Peterhof and Oranienbaum. The excursion called “Palaces and estates of the seaside” will let you getting acquainted with two St. Petersburg pearls. You’ll watch amazing seaside landscapes, scenic parks, and famous gorgeous Peterhof fountains. The magnificent decoration of the Great Imperial Palace halls (Peterhof) will double the feeling of a fiesta and the triumph of high art. Being in Oranienbaum (the town located 40 kilometers from St. Peterburg and called also Lomonosov), you’ll see its charming Menshikov palace and beautiful park, learn the place history and some facts about life of Menshikov, devoted companion of Peter the Great, the largest statesman of the XVII century.

Coming to the hotel, take some rest and use your leisure time to visit some more parks and squares to your choice.

DAY 3 – Sunday

You’ll check-out after breakfast and go to the Moskovsky railway station (by bus). After leaving your baggage in the railway station luggage room, you’ll go on with your program and have the “Russian Citadel in the Baltic” excursion. You’ll make a fascinating journey to the Kotlin island and see the city-fortress of Kronstadt (“The Crown City” ). You will learn why this marvelous Italian palace was built there, and why Kronstadt needed Dutch cuisine so much. Founded personally by Peter the Great, this city still retains its importance in the service of Russian naval affairs and serves as a commercial port. You’ll see astonishing Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Lighthouse, Fort “Emperor Alexander I”, the other forts and churches built in XVIII- XIXth centuries. For instance, you can visit St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, or the Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in Kronstadt, which is an active Orthodox church and the center of the spiritual life of the city. The cathedral was recently restored and produces a very colorful, bright impression. It has airy white-blue walls with bright dominants of mosaic icons and bulbous domes.


Please, remember about your train’s departure time. We do recommend you buying tickets for the trains that depart after 6.00 PM.


You can always contact us and ask about your individual tailor-made tour. The prices for it will depend on the program you choose.


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