fantastic 4-day tour to Perm

Sky Fair of the Ural region – fantastic 4-day tour to Perm

The Perm region (Middle Urals) has always been considered a mysterious place. Here some beliefs of the Gentiles are still alive, and people see UFO in the sky. Its mysterious Yegoshikha Cemetery washed by the river Styx, and the station Adishchevo meet the lost travelers. Perm also has its modern anomalies – red headless art objects, mystical theater and the smell of gas, which stably appears on the streets of the city every two years. Many people have also heard about the famous M-zone where everything that could only happen in the anomalous zone is regularly registered! However, the region is also famous for its festivals. The Sky Fair of the Ural region 4-day tour offers you visiting Devil’s fortification, Ice Kungur cave, Festival of Aeronautics and more exciting adventures!


After meeting with your guide in Perm airport, you’ll have a lunch and a city tour. During the tour you’ll see the historical center of Perm, the monument to Permyak – “Salted Ears”, the Permian Bear, the sculptural composition of the Kama River, the Opera House, etc. You’ll visit the open-air Artillery Museum and Paradise Garden. In Art Gallery you’ll enjoy the richest collection of Permian wooden sculptures.

The program also includes an excursion to unusual XXth Century Music Museum. There you’ll to touch the origins of the most popular last century musical genres, listen to the stories about life and work of legendary musicians, immerse into their music, see rare photographs, instruments, equipment.

After dinner you will come to your hotel and enjoy your free time.


After early (7.00 AM) breakfast, you’ll go to the Stone Town, or Chertovo Gorodishche (the Devil’s city) known since ancient times. These stones and narrow labyrinths often became places of dramatic events. Local people talk about the evil spirit, which “draws” travelers to these haunted places. Being in the Stone City, you will believe in the power of spirits and the mysterious stories.

On the way to the Stone Town you’ll stop at the White stones to enjoy a panoramic view of Basegi – its low picturesque rocks. Being charmed by a magnificent view of the mountain range with its three peaks, you’ll feel tranquility and forget about reality. You’ll see the so-called “endemic plants”, the flowers, trees and bushes that are not found anywhere else.

The Stone Town tour, lasting 3 hours, will let you getting acquainted with bizarre stone figures. Travelling through the enchanted town streets, labyrinths and squares, you’ll meet on your way Stone gate, the figures of lonely Camel, Dwarfs, Guards, Tortoise, Palm-tree, Pine, Money tree, etc.

Coming to Chusovoy town after these excursions, you’ll try local cuisine in a café and go to Perm.


The day program will start at 9.00, after your breakfast in the city cafe. You will move to the White Mountain and Belogorsky Monastery of St. Nicholas, standing on it. You’ll have a tour around the territory and see the upper and lower churches of the Holy Cross Cathedral, the holy spring, the font, the refectory where you can get delicious fresh pastry and monastic bread.

Your next stop is Kungur, old merchant city. This is a real open-air museum with its balloon park, a monument to the executed Ivan the Terrible, Nikita the Flyer, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Temples, the Pottery, Gostiny Dvor, numerous mansions, estates, merchant buildings, etc. You’ll have a dinner and go to the most fantastic tour excursion – you’ll visit the Kungur Ice Cave.

This famous cave has 48 grottos, 60 lakes and 146 organ pipes: the highest one reaches 22 meters. The temperature in the cave is about 0 ⁰C even in summert. Thus, coming there, always take a hat and a warm coat with you. The biggest cave Grotto of Geographers (volume is 50 000 m3) will impress you with its majesty. You will walk along the equipped illuminated trail, admiring the frosty beauty of the Cross, Diamond, Meteor, Coral, Dante, the Giant grottoes. Throw a dime or another coin into the cave lake and listen to the ancient legends.

On your return to Kungur, you’ll visit the night closing ceremony of the Festival Sky Fair of the Ural. Enjoy Dance of elephants – watch how the aerostats, illuminated by fire, fly into the twilight sky and perform a kind of “dance” in front of the spectators. Being there, you can purchase a seat ticket (400-500 rubles per person).

Returning to Perm, rest well – the 4th, last day program will be saturated with events and excursions.


Soon after breakfast, you will go to Khokhlovka, the first open-air museum of wooden architecture in the Urals. Located 43 kilometers from Perm, on the Varnach peninsula, it has unique monuments of the late XVII – first half of the XX century. There you’ll meet a real local hunter who will tell his secrets and show traps. During this tour the local hostess will treat you with the Khokhlov herbal tea with gingerbread. You’ll learn the secrets of salt making and try local delicious pancakes with different fillings!

On your return to Perm, after lunch, you’ll visit a shop with Permian sweets. Buy different kinds of this tasty stuff to treat your buddies and family at home.

The 4th day and the whole tour program are over. You’ll have a transfer to the airport or Perm railway station.


The tour price includes: tours and transport services, 2 meals a day, accommodation in the hotel in double rooms, entrance tickets to the objects of the program.

Wishing to see some more places of the Middle Urals and visit more cities, please, contact us any time. We also provide tailor-made tours.


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